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I am come back from autumn sleep :-)

Hello friends.

I wake up from long autumn sleep.

I am in vital again.

I think I needed time to recover my energy after solo exhibition.

I was keeping drawing so now I got many many files that I need to arrange and upload.

Today, I updated

1. free drawing - I added all files in one post and I added 'Balance study drawing' as new post.

2. project with people- vermont fashion show artists' book

3. project with people- drawing postcard project 2008 summer

4. Water color on paper- ritual series- Rising walls.

5. photography

6. painting

I bought my domain.

you can visit this site with


And is there web designer who can work for me,

please contact me.

Hope I can hear from you.

It is cold now,

take care and keep warm

why don't you dance to warm you up?! : )

2008. 11. 17


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